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Watch The Boondocks Online

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So just click here to download The Boondocks Episodes or Watch The Boondocks Online.

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The Boondocks Season 4 is eagerly awaited

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Don’t you miss The Boondocks episodes? Of course you would be, everybody misses them. And every single fan is eagerly waiting for the The Boondocks Season 4.

The Boondocks, American animated series has run for 3 successful seasons. The success of the last season is affirmed by the huge fan following and high ratings that the series brought to the channel. This is the reason that fans of The Boondocks episodes are confident that they will soon see The Boondocks Season 4.

Though nothing has been confirmed on The Boondocks Season 4 by the creators Aaron McGruder and Sony Picture Television, the channel on which The Boondocks Season 3 episodes were aired.

Fans viewed The Boondocks Season 3 finale episode on 15th August 2010, it was titled “It’s Goin Down”. And now fans miss their favorite series, but they can watch “The Boondocks” online for earlier episodes.

All are aware that The Boondocks series were based on the comic series named “the Boondocks”. The comic strips and the animated series both were created by same person Aaron McGruder. The comic strips are also loved as the series are loved. The story of the series revolve around the Freeman family in which Huey is the main lead, working for the social causes and race relations at a young age of 10 years. And how can we forget the troublesome Riley Freeman, younger brother of Huey and Granddad, Robert Freeman who pampers his grandsons and scolds them too. All are missed by everyone. Just hope that all of them return soon with The Boondocks Season 4.

Till then catch them on earlier episodes and for that watch The Boondocks online.

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Aaron McGruder-rewarded for his writing skills!

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Aaron McGruder, the amazing cartoonist who developed a marvelous piece of animation series with a grave topic of social satire has been honored for the same. He has tried to let American people stand in front of the mirror, to show them their attitude towards their own culture and racial discriminations, which is being practiced. He had picked up the family of Freeman to depict his theme.

For his great piece of work, he was nominated for The 42nd NAACP Image Awards.

It was here, when his writing talent was admired and acknowledged.

Well! Till now you must have guessed what I am talking about. Yes folks! It’s none other than Aaron McGruder, who has won awards for ‘Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series’ for The Boondocks.

Well! He deserved that as the situations in the storyline of The Boondocks have been definitely weaved as pearls in the string. Besides his writing skills, he is also known for cartooning and public speaking.

Mr. McGruder was rewarded at The Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, where the award ceremony was hosted by the duo i.e. Wayne Brady and Holly Robinson Peete.

For those of you who are not aware about the criteria of NAAP Image Awards, let me have the privilege to tell you that these are the prizes given to those, who exhibit par-excellence in the entertainment industry, particularly in writing, television, movies and recording arts.

Not only it is Mr. McGruder from the team of The Boondocks who has been rewarded but, Regina King has also been honored.

Though not for her contribution for the same show but still, Regina has added another feather to her cap by winning the award for ‘Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series’ for ‘Southland’.

Well! Congratulations to the winners. One thing that is appreciable is that after winning award for writing, Mr. McGruder has brought medals not only for himself but, for the show as well.

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Role of Rappers in Boondocks!

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Good Day !

If you are searching for information on Boondock then you have come to the right page!

The role of rapper in Boondocks series is too short, but their role is really important, in the entire series. Thugnificent, Gangstalicious, Macktastic and Flonominal are a few rappers, who have been grabbing our attention. for a very long time. Those, who view Boondocks episodes online, know, that these rappers and their performances have been simply outstanding, so far.

Thugnificent is one of the characters, who is not only famous for his performances, but he is an epitome of narcissistic behavior, who loves to throw parties for filling happiness in other’s lives. He is largely known, by his stage name, but in his hometown, he is popular as, Otis Jenkins. In the show, Carl Jones has lent his voice to this character. In addition to this, he uses some abusive catchphrases, to show himself, as cool as, possible.

Macktastic is one of the most interesting rappers, whose voice is a contribution of Snoop Dogg. There are very less people, who know, that Snoop is the main voice, behind this character. I know you also download Boondocks, just because of him. He is also a part of Thugnificent’s Lethal Interjection society. Perhaps, his typical gangster attitude is the reason of his popularity. His dialect is different, than other rappers. Flonominal is another exciting rapper of the same group, whose voice is contributed by a famous actor, Busta Rhymes. His vocabulary is not really strong; in fact he is subjected to a small collection of words. Above all this, he is sensitive as well as soft in nature. Due to this kind of attitude, he was mocked by other characters in the show.

If you watch Boondocks online, on a frequent basis, then you will see Leonard is also an important member of the crew, who love to be with these rappers, but he hasn’t acknowledged, as a rapper. He is dim yet well-meaning friend of Thugnificent, who has been facing financial crisis. He was disbanded from Lethal Interjection group, due to his socially awkward behavior. If you haven’t gone through, all the hidden and exciting characters of the show, then don’t miss a chance to watch them, in Boondocks episodes, so click here, and get it, online.

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The Boondocks : What’s going down?

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Welcome Boondocks-bees!

Well, this time I’m not gonna pick any controversial news linked to Boondocks series. On the contrary, it’s the time to reveal something exotic about the show, which is..

“What is going down?”

Is that the ratio of its fans?

Nope that’s not at all possible.

Then, what is that?

Without much ado, I think its time to share most awaited news. ‘It’s Goin Down’ is an upcoming episode of the show. The episode will focus on the distraction of the Grand-dad’s mind. I think this is for the first time when Grandfather will lose his senses just for the sake of a girl.

If you wanna catch few more exciting encounters of Granddad with other women, then Boondocks download will be an excellent alternative for you.

In this particular episode, the main suspect of terror attack is Huey, so this time Jack Flower is on the mission to bring law and order in the city.

The terror attack is sure and it will put many lives in danger. In this attack, the Woodcrest area will be in danger. It is the time when Jack, Ed and Rummy plead the city occupants for their support.

This is the most amazing episode & will bring terror in the minds of the people. Let’s see whether Huey will come out of this or not? Will he remain under the suspicion? If you have a desire to know more about this, then keep track on this site to get Boondocks episodes online.
I don’t know whether you saw Boondocks’ last episode or not, but lemme tell you something about it as well.

‘The Color Ruckus’ was the most incredibly written episode, in which Uncle Ruckus and his family settle down in town to look after his father’s old business. It is the tale of violence, abuse and victory. ‘The Color Ruckus’ also grabbed the attention of critics and media. Perhaps there is no such episode which hasn’t garnered controversies.

I hope critics and media won’t find any fault in the upcoming episode. Though it is little violent and abusing in nature, but it gives full dose of entertainment. I would suggest you to watch Boondocks, so that you could also contribute in its ever increasing name and fame.

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Wanna Get Drenched In The Colors Of The Boondocks?

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Welcome to the land of The Boondocks, where you get the freshest and path-breaking news related to the show.

Those who watch The Boondocks episodes on a regular basis, would definitely feel ecstatic after hearing this heart-pulsating news. So hold onto you seats, and get-set-go for the surprise, which I will unfurl in a few minutes.

Did you know The Boondocks-bees….your favorite show has come up with a range of goodies?

Yeah fans, now you will be able to look exactly like your darling characters. T-shirts, mugs, trinkets, bags and much more could be yours, simply by participating in a contest, being held by the franchise.

I know I know…the contest will be a cakewalk for you! So, get ready to get your hands on the goodie bags!

If you are missing this fun-filled show, then lemme tell you, that there is no need to worry, because you can get The Boondocks download right here!

I know you are eager to know more about this contest and goodies, which is why…without further ado, I take you into The Boondocks wonderland!

Recently, The Boondocks creators and Cashmere Agency decided to initiate a contest, in which five lucky winners would be chosen, each of whom will win a limited edition The Boondocks merchandise goodie bag.

I can see that sparkle in your eyes!! But guys, if you really want to win that goodie bag, you will need to download The Boondocks from here, and get yourself a quick refresher course on the show and its characters.

As you all know, The Boondocks has returned with all new mesmerizing episodes, which is why this contest works like icing on the cake. It is the dream of every The Boondocks lover to look like their favorite superstars and this dream is becoming a reality, due to the efforts of Adult Swim and its franchises. I am all set to take part in this attention-grabbing contest, are you?

And in the spirit of preparation, I am going to go and download all the new as well as long-gone The Boondocks episodes right here!

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